Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

Our team of Human Resources Consultants focus on providing top calibre candidates across all business disciplines from entry level, middle to senior management & board level appointments.

We focus on various business units not limited to: Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Procurement, Health & Safety, Sales & Marketing, Secretarial / Executive Assistants, General Management, Administrative Support,Engineers and IT. 

Our clients rely on our skills for either entry level, critical skills placement or senior level roles. Every recruitment exercise is treated as a SMART Project.

 Service   Description
 Lopterra HRC  Lite
  • Recruitment Campaign, Selection by client.
  • Background and Certificate Verification.
  • Placement
 Lopterra HRC Pro
  • Recruitment Campaign, Selection and Placement
  • Background and Certificate Verification
  • Year long Follow up
 Lopterra HRC Premium
  •  Recruitment Campaign, Selection and Placement
  • Background and certificate verification
  • Basic On-boarding Essential Training.
  • Year long Follow up

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